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Name or nickname: Courtie
Age: 17
Height: 5'4"
Highest: 130lb (60kg)
Current: 118lb (53.5kg)
Current BMI: 20.1
Lowest: 114lb (52kg)
Short term: 110lb (50kg) (I will feel SO DAMN GOOD when I finally hit this.)
Mid term: 105lb (47.5kg)
Long term: 99lb (45kg)
Ideal BMI: 17
How do you lose weight?
I used to restrict, and exercise. Right now, I'm mostly purging full time, but I'm trying to get back into heavy restriction.
What's your worst habit? Eating candy and roast potatoes.
What does "reordered eating" mean to you? Being in control not only of my weight, but the way I lose it and how fast I do so. Not having to follow anyone else's instruction on how to do it. I want see both my clavicle and hipbones as clear as day, to curl my hand around my upper arm, to have 36cm-round thighs, to fit into my 11 year old sister's clothes, to weigh less than my 14 year old sister, and to have to ask for the smallest size pants in the store. It's not much to ask, really. ^^;
How did you find us?
Somebody's info page. This looked like a good place to be.

And whine. XD
It's winter here, and I'm so cold at school. It sucks. :/ AND I'm having momentary purging issues for some reason, not to mention I binged HARDCORE on the weekend. I gained 3 pounds. sucks.
In other news, I'm getting braces tomorrow, giving me an excellent excuse to restrict like a crazy. I've also been buying really small size summer clothing, as incentive and something to look foward too.
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