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reorder's Journal

Eating Reordered
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The Reordered Movement

so you may be wondering: "why am i here?"

lj's only resource for people who binge and purge is pro-ana, but if you're not disordered, why be pro-ana? better yet, why be pro-disorder? who wants to be disordered? disordered means malfunctioning, and i personally like to function.

what you're seeing is the reordered movement. reordered means that you have changed your ideas about how your body should look and you have changed your ideas about how you should get that look. reordered means you aren't a victim of insecurity - you're taking control of your body in a positive way. some people call this extreme dieting, but 'dieting' is an elusive term.

the average person diets tens of times during his lifetime and usually achieves jack shit.
the average disordered person is successful but FEELS like shit.

the average reordered person will achieve success and feel good. why? because these are choices. and you can feel good about making a choice to look how you want.

so make the choice and forget idolizing a malfunction. idolize success and reorder your life</p>


This comm is a positive environment for anyone who purges, restricts, or fasts (or anything else non-mainstream) as a supplement to their weight loss. We are not for disordered people and we won't talk about eating disorders. Do not promote pro-ana comms here. We invite people who have made the decision to use atypical means to get the body they want, and are confident about doing so. If you purge, restrict, or fast because of self-hatred or because you have a disorder, please check out a pro-ED comm.

1. When you join, please make an introductory post with the following information (copy and paste what's in the box into your post):

This is not an application. We aren't a rating community and we don't accept/reject members. It's just a way for us to get to know you!

2. Please respect each other. Don't bitch, don't flame, don't troll, etc. If you are someone who does not share our beliefs, then just leave us alone. We don't need to be preached at.This community is for:

  >> Support of our habits
  >> Encouragement to succeed
  >> Advice
  >> Reporting intake/habits/progress/problems
  >> Posting inspirational pictures

3. Posts don't have to be friends-only. Don't be worried about flamers. We're all self-assured, confident women here and we can handle ourselves.

Members - If someone is giving you grief, refer to this post to get ideas on how to defend yourself. We, as mods, WILL stick up for you. Just let us know.

4. Do not promote pro-ana communities. Pro-ana is usually negative and full of people with terrible self-esteem. Don't hurt our members by encouraging them to hate themselves.

5. If you're posting big pictures, please put them behind an lj-cut. People don't like it when large images distort their friends pages. If you don't know how to do an lj-cut, please check the FAQ.

6. Promote! You can use this banner if you want:

To potential flamers:

You have no easy victims here. We can and will defend ourselves. We will ban people who are overly abusive, but otherwise we are happy to defend our beliefs. If you're going to insult us, "you're dumb" gets boring really fast, so please try to be more creative.

Contest (4/16 - 4/23)

(sign up here!)

reordered - 700, 600, 500, 400, 300, 200, 100 cals
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