Erin (justwater_thnx) wrote in reorder,

Name or nickname: Alexis
Height: 5'4"
Weight:129. [High: 169]
My fat's always been pretty evenly distributed, thankfully.
Currently, 123.
Small-ish goals are nice. And so is the 1-2-3 thing.
I guess I'll stop when I stop feeling like I need to "lose weight"
and start feeling like I just need to "not gain any."
How do you lose weight?
Not eating.
Caffeine pills.
Drinking water.
Dancing like a crazy person.
I love feeling dizzy.
What's your worst habit?
Sometimes if I mess up and eat something bad....
I decide that the whole day's messed up anyways,
so why not just eat a lot and start over again tomorrow?
Sometimes I am an idiot.
What does "reordered eating" mean to you? 
It means when my friend accused me of anorexia, I said:
"I don't have an eating disorder,
just some kinda disordered eating habits.
It's working, so fuck off."
And it means when a girl said:
"I lost 30 pounds too....and gained 10 back.
You will gain some back, you know."
I replied with:
"I most certainly will not.
I'm in control of this."
How did you find us?
Random playing around the fantastic world of Livejournal.

I quit my awful job today,
so I'm going to celebrate by fasting for a few days.
I guess the polite thing to do is ask if anyone wants to join in
and be AIM Not-Eating-Buddies?
: )
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