reordered (reordered) wrote in reorder,

so you may be wondering: "why am i here?"

lj's only resource for people who binge and purge is pro-ana, but if you're not disordered, why be pro-ana? better yet, why be pro-disorder? who wants to be disordered? disordered means malfunctioning, and i personally like to function.

what you're seeing is the reordered movement. reordered means that you have changed your ideas about how your body should look and you have changed your ideas about how you should get that look. reordered means you aren't a victim of insecurity - you're taking control of your body in a positive way. some people call this extreme dieting, but 'dieting' is an elusive term.

the average person diets tens of times during his lifetime and usually achieves jack shit.
the average disordered person is successful but FEELS like shit.

the average reordered person will achieve success and feel good. why? because these are choices. and you can feel good about making a choice to look how you want.

so make the choice and forget idolizing a malfunction. idolize success and reorder your life
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